Published Work

Below is a selection of my published work.


The publisher’s unwillingness to promote this book led the Corinne to do so herself. This resulted in her being awarded the Women’s International Writing Guild’s ‘Woman of the Year’, presented at the United Nations.
Understanding the threat of Nuclear Power.

“A powerful and fascinating book. The inside story of nuclear power and weapons- their hazards and the incessant cover-up by the industry and by government.” – Dr. George Wall, Nobel Laureate

“A vivid and accurate account of the pressure exerted to build the 30,000 nuclear weapons the U.S. has available for nuclear war and the increasing danger of an inability to counter the effect of nuclear radiation.” – Gene R. Le Rocque  Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Director, Center for Defense Information.

(As of 2022 there are still an estimated 5,550 total nuclear weapons in the U.S.)

Recuperating from Vietnam

On San Francisco’s Letterman Hospital Vietnam veteran amputees race wheelchairs, show their stumps, tell stories, smoke first class weed. Some of them had wanted to avoid the war by going to Canada. Their fathers had said “you don’t go, you don’t come home.”

If I could say what I think I’d say, ‘never believe anything you hear about the glory of war until you experience it.’ For those of you who think there is glory in war walk a mile in my shoes and see how you like it.’ – Paul


 Stein & Day, 1973


Norton, 1981

A Memoir of Love and War

A grief stricken man created a New Mexican mountainside chapel honoring his son, and other lost Vietnam vets. A story of grief, love, shame, and atavistic war lost. 

A guide to keeping tropical fish happy and healthy

Enthusiastically loved and appreciated by aquarium enthusiasts and avid readers everywhere, the fish doctor colorfully and hilariously follows Scott Bodies tales, or- the Fish Doctor. Deemed unique, captivating, and utterly addictive. Hailed as “the Bible for Aquariists”.

This book is chock full of information and is presented in a delightfully entertaining manner that encourages the reader to start at page one and go to the end. It will turn all that read it into an aquarium enthusiast. I have read it three times over the last 20 years, and each time have been amused and enthused. I am now passing it on to my children to read, and they are finding it to be their favorite too.  A MUST READ!” – Name ????


Workman Publishing Co, 1976